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Our internship Program is a gateway to discovering your passion for the culinary arts. The training offered through this program equips you with the skill and know-how to forge a career in the food industry, whether its cooking or restaurant operations that you are interested in. No matter what stage of life you’re at, you’re never too young or too old to start pursuing your passion. Join our internship program to jump start your career in the F&B industry.

Our Program

If you want to pursue a passion for the culinary arts or would like to gain a better understanding of service operations, our programs are here to help.

Here are our guidelines:

- A minimum of 18 hours a week is required

- One of the days in your schedule must be a weekend

- Minimum duration is one month

Together, we will create a schedule that accommodates you and Eatery, one that

you must commit to in order to complete your internship program.


“After over 2 years, I’m still here! It has been and incredible journey so far and I continue to learn new skills on a daily basis. I’m so grateful for this opportunity and for every Eatery team member that makes everyday memorable”

 - Hoda Abdel Baky

“ I started off at Eatery as an intern in the front of the house, waiting tables and hosting. Soon enough I ended up at their North Coast branch working for the whole summer and learning much more than expected. Thank you to such a great team that taught me valuable skills about the industry and work ethic. ”

- Nagi Fayad

“I want to thank Omar for this incredible opportunity to allow me to flourish and bring out the best in me. He has chosen a great set of chefs who are fantastic and have made my experience here amazing. My love for food is insatiable, and thanks to Eatery I am closer to accomplishing my dream“ - Seif Omar

“I worked for a month taking reservations, hosting and being a part of the service team. Overall it was an amazing experience because I was able to do something different and experience something new. I was able to work with different people and it was an eye opener and I learned a lot from the people I worked with.” - Nadia Ahmed

Our Intern

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