Cooking School

Corporate Team Building

You thought the office was tough, this is even more competitive... and a lot more fun! We’re putting co-workers in the kitchen and turning up the heat to full blast in this heart-pumping, exhilarating team-building program. Teams will test their skills and capabilities as they learn through challenging exercises, and the winning team will get bragging rights at the office! We’ve got a range of themed team building activities to choose from. Email us at for inquiries and bookings.

Family Style Cook-Off

Cooking with the family is a great bonding tradition, and we’ve recreated it in our Family Style Cook-off. A group of participants is divided into teams, and each team is assigned a dish to cook. In the end, a table is set with all the cooked dishes and everyone sits down to enjoy a big family-style meal together. A great activity for larger groups. Email us at for inquiries and bookings.

Mystery Box Competition

We love encouraging people to get more adventurous with the food they eat and the food they cook, the Mystery Box Competition is one way of doing that. Teams are given a box full of mystery ingredients, then each team must use these ingredients, and choose additional items from the pantry, to create a stand-out dish in just 45 minutes. A panel of judges will select a winner based on taste, creativity and presentation. You will also taste your dish afterwards and see for yourself how good it was. (Dishes won’t be enough to create a full meal). Email us at for inquiries and bookings.

Battle of the Better

In this high-stakes competition one team comes out on top and proves that it’s just better! Battle of the Better will pit teams against each other as each team works with the same ingredients, tools, and recipe to create the best version of the same dish. The more unique a dish is, the better, as teams will be encouraged to add their own twist to the recipe. Teams will be working under the pressure of a time-cap, and judges will look for taste, creativity, skill and presentation to crown a winner. Email us at for inquiries and bookings.

Restaurant Experience

For anyone who’s wanted to know just how a restaurant operates, Restaurant Experience gives you an immersive, hands-on inside look. Participants will learn what goes into restaurant operations, as team members take on responsibilities in the kitchen or as waiting staff. In this restaurant simulation, a team will work to impress their guests, made up of the competing team. The Restaurant Experience is perfect for large groups of friends or co-workers, and the team with the most profits, wins. Email us at for inquiries and bookings.


All the important moments in our lives are celebrated with food. Birthdays are one such occasion, where food is at the center of it all. Celebrate your special day or your loved one’s with a cooking-themed party. Make lasting memories with friends and family cooking together to create a three-course birthday dinner that you will sit down to eat together. Cooking-themed parties are all about sharing and creating lasting memories. You can also give your loved one the gift of food with a cooking class voucher that they can redeem for an unforgettable cooking experience. The minimum age for birthdays is 7 years-old, and a 4-day prior notice is needed. Email us at for inquiries and bookings.

Space Rental

Looking for a fully equipped industrial kitchen space to rent? Our cooking school is the perfect venue to host your private cooking classes, or to use as a test kitchen. The ample space of our professional kitchen with heavy-duty capabilities makes it the perfect location to shoot an ad. If you need to bring in your own portable equipment and ingredients, you can do that too. Email us at for inquiries and bookings.

Cooking Class

Find your culinary voice and live out your passion for the kitchen at our cooking school. Offering a range of dynamic classes across a range of themes and topics. You can also customize your own class just the way you like. So, strap on those aprons and let’s get cooking. Here’s what you have to do: Email us at for inquiries and bookings. Make sure you have at least 2 participants. Classes should be booked at least 4 days before the event. Oh, and we don’t operate on Fridays.

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